Things to consider when purchasing fire-rated glass

Fire-rated glass is becoming a routine requirement for many commercial facilities due to stringent building rules and improved safety standards. However, there are various fire safety glass options available, so it’s essential to choose the right panels for your structure and needs. 

The following are the top questions you should ask when buying fire-rated glass.

Does the glass have a certified fire rating?

Glass manufacturers must be properly accredited or certified to develop and distribute fire-safety glass. The right equipment must be used, precise procedures must be followed, and manufacturers must make sure there is never a possibility of fire glass contamination. To make and sell fire glass items, all manufacturers are obliged by law to present a certificate of authorization.

Has the fire-rated glass undergone the necessary safety inspections?

A product cannot be granted a rating without first performing all the necessary testing. To determine how much heat and pressure glass can sustain in the event of a genuine fire, it is exposed to a harsh temperature gradient based on international standards.

VJF’s fire-resistant systems have been tested and approved for stability, integrity and insulation. Our standards and certifications have been done in accordance with the Singapore Standards.

Does the glass have the correct fire rating?

Fire-rated glass comes in different standards. Depending on how well it performs, fire-rated glass receives a variety of ratings.

Generally speaking, the fire-rated glass will function as expected for anywhere between 20 and 120 minutes, which is the amount of time that the glass will remain intact when exposed to fire.

This is also influenced by the surrounding framework, thus thermally insulated framework would be necessary if you wanted to give the installation the longest possible performance period. Consequently, silicone-jointed systems without a framework typically endure for 60 minutes, which could be the difference between success and failure.

fire-rated glass at office

How long will the fire-rated glass protect against fire?

The glazing that will be used to cover the glass determines the thickness and dimension restrictions for fire-rated glass. The ideal fire-rated glass should offer at least one hour of fire protection for evacuating and battling fires.

However, there are a few factors that affect how long it can endure flames and smoke. These include the type of glass used, the glazing option selected, and—possibly most significantly—the glass’s quality. High-quality fire safety glass is well worth the investment because it is more durable and we can be assured of its performance in the event fire.

What do the fire protection ratings mean?

A fire-rated window with a 30/0 rating will keep the fire from spreading for 30 minutes, but it will provide no heat insulation protection from the flames during that time, so it could grow quite hot. This may result in a passageway that is impassable for individuals trying to escape a burning building. 

Fire-rated glass with a 30/30 rating will provide 30 minutes of fire containment and 30 minutes of insulation protection, allowing people to pass through without being exposed to high heat.

Will the fire-rated glass be fitted by an expert?

It should go without saying that professionals should always install fire-rated glass doors and screens. This should never be a DIY project since it’s never a smart idea to try to cut corners when it comes to safety. The systems will have the highest chance of remaining in their intended protective position during a fire and obstructing the flow of smoke and flames if they are installed by a professional.

Remember, it is always a good idea to understand everything you can before deciding which fire-rated glass to purchase and where to get them. By doing this, you may be sure that you’re using the right product that fits your requirements.