Fire rated glass doors are specially designed doors with a certain level of fire resistance. Commercial and residential buildings incorporate these doors to divide spaces and stop heat, smoke and fire from spreading. These specialised doors are usually installed in locations where visibility or aesthetic appeal is desired, while still maintaining the required fire safety standards. 

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The anatomy of fire rated glass doors

Fire rated glass doors are made up of a number of parts that work together to provide the necessary fire resistance. These are the main components:

Glass panel

The glass panel is the main element of fire rated glass doors. These panels are made specifically to withstand high temperatures and stop smoke and flames from spreading. Usually, they are made with wired or tempered glass, which is stronger and more resistant to heat stress. To achieve particular fire resistance ratings, the glass panels used in fire rated doors are put through a rigorous testing process. Glass thickness varies according to local construction requirements and the necessary fire rating. 

Intumescent material

Another essential component of these glass doors’ fire protection is intumescent material. It is used in the door frames and along the margins of the glass panels. A specific type of material known as intumescent material expands at high temperatures, forming a barrier that keeps out heat, smoke and flames. To preserve the integrity of the door assembly and stop the fire from spreading, this expansion aids in sealing the spaces between the glass and the frame.

Door frame

The door frame supports the glass panels structurally and serves as a framework for them. The frames of the glass doors are made of fire-resistant materials like aluminium or steel. The ability of these materials to endure high temperatures and keep their structural integrity in the event of a fire has been tested and verified. The intumescent material and glass panels are securely held in place by the frames, guaranteeing a safe and fire-resistant door assembly.


Fire-rated glass doors are equipped with specialised hardware that complements their fire resistance. This includes hinges, handles, locks and closures. The hardware used in these doors is specifically designed to withstand high temperatures and maintain functionality during a fire. For example, fire-rated hinges are made from materials that can endure heat without deforming or compromising the door’s operation. Similarly, fire rated locks and handles are constructed to remain functional even when exposed to extreme temperatures. These components are crucial for ensuring that the doors can be securely closed and provide the necessary fire protection.

Fire seals and gaskets

Gaskets and fire seals are extra parts of fire rated glass doors that help make them more fire resistant. Usually, materials like silicone-based goods or intumescent strips are used to make them. On the meeting stiles of double doors as well as the margins of the door frame, fire seals are fitted. When subjected to heat, they expand and form a tight seal that stops hot gasses, smoke and flames from passing through. Gaskets are utilised to seal these openings to prevent fire from entering via the gaps created by the door and the surrounding walls or floor.

Understanding the structure of fire rated glass doors is important in order to fully appreciate their features and the degree of fire protection they offer. The door assembly becomes stronger and becomes more effective in resisting fire because of the combination of its key features. By combining these features, fire rated glass doors provide transparent barriers that enhance visibility and natural light flow while preserving the structural integrity and safety of a building. Fire rated glass doors protect property and people from fire hazards, whether they are found in hotels, workplaces, or other commercial areas. 

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The functionality of fire rated glass doors in Singapore

In Singapore, there are different fire resistance ratings assigned to fire rated glass panels for these glass doors. These ratings indicate the duration at which the glass panels can tolerate the heat and flames during a fire. The following are the fire resistance ratings for glass panels in fire rated glass doors that are frequently used in the country:

1. 30 minutes

This rating indicates that the glass panels can fend off fires for at least 30 minutes. This duration is usually appropriate for spaces like stairwells and hallways where a lower degree of fire resistance is needed. 

2. 60 minutes

Glass panels that have been exposed to fire for at least 60 minutes are classified as 60-minute fire resistant. This classification is frequently applied to spaces that need to have a higher level of fire protection, like elevator lobbies, fire escape routes, or partition walls between different occupancy classes.

3. 120 minutes

The best level of fire protection is provided with glass panels rated for 120 minutes of fire resistance. They are appropriate for high-occupancy areas, server rooms, fire command centres and other essential locations where prolonged fire resistance is required since they can withstand fire conditions for at least 120 minutes.


It is important to keep in mind that these fire resistance ratings are carried out by accredited testing facilities. The ratings guarantee that the glass panels fulfil the necessary fire performance requirements, which include minimising temperature rise, blocking the flow of smoke and flames, and preserving integrity for the allotted amount of time.

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To guarantee a building’s safety and compliance, it is important to understand the parts and operations of fire rated glass doors. Every element, including door frames, self-closing mechanisms and specialist fire-resistant glass, is essential to stopping the spread of fire and protecting people within. Follow local construction laws and requirements when starting projects involving fire-rated doors, and give certified items top priority at all times. 


To ensure that these doors will continue to function effectively in an emergency, be watchful and do routine maintenance and inspections. With this knowledge at your disposal, you can design environments that put people’s safety above everything else. Get in touch with us today about your fire rated glass door requirements and improve your built environment’s overall fire safety.